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Belk College of Business

The Belk College of Business is Driving What’s Next for our students and the Charlotte region through our dynamic programs, alumni engagement, strong corporate partnerships and impactful faculty research. We are on a trajectory to become one of the country’s top urban research business schools. 

April 5-7 is our seventh annual #NinerNationGives, Charlotte’s 49-hour digital giving campaign. We ask our Belk College alumni, family and friends to support our students, faculty and staff, wear green and show your Business Niner pride.

We are calling on Business Niners across the globe to show the impact the college has had on their lives and support our current and future Business Niners during #NinerNationGives. Show your pride in the Belk College and prepare our future alumni to lead and pursue careers that matter.  

Spread the word and make a gift now to help the Belk College win the unit challenge by having the greatest number of gifts during #NinerNationGives. Your support will make a significant difference in the lives of Belk College students. 

Thank you, and Go Niners! 

Up for the Challenge? 

Make a bigger impact by taking advantage of the following challenges!

  • Happy #NinerNationGives, Belk College alumni and friends! Dean Troyer is kicking off the 49 hours by matching all gifts to the business school, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000. Double your impact and give now!
  • University Partner TIAA, recognized as one of NAFE's "2021 Top Companies for Executive Women," is challenging Niner Nation to support Belk's Women In Business Initiative fund during #NinerNationGives. 49 gifts in 49 hours will unlock their $5,000 reward.
  • Did you graduate in the last decade?! If so, alumni couple Gene '73 and Vickie '71, '82 Johnson are challenging all colleges to reach 49 young alumni donors during #NinerNationGives. Each college that succeeds will unlock a $4,900 reward. The college that hits the goal first will also win a bonus $4,900! Give now to shape what's next for the Belk College of Business. 

Drive What's Next for the Belk College of Business

Belk College Alumni Scholarship Fund

Your support for the Belk College Alumni Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for students that bridge the gap between financial aid and need. Established by the Belk College Alumni Council in 2014, the fund helps to fuel the next generation of business leaders, one scholarship at a time.  

Belk College of Business Fund 

Your unrestricted support of the Belk College of Business Fund will have an immediate impact and allow Dean Jennifer Troyer to direct resources where they are most critically needed. Our most flexible resource supports student success through scholarships and life-changing engagement experiences. The fund also helps the college attract and retain top educators, and provides technology to support teaching and research.

Last Gift of #NNG Challenge
Shoutout to Zoe Weatherington for making the LAST GIFT of #NinerNationGives! Zoe's gift in honor of her mother, Charlotte 49ers Volleyball Coach Karen Weatherington, has unlocked a bonus $250 for volleyball. Thank you Zoe!
UNLOCKED: Wear Green Wednesday Social Media Challenge
What an incredible "Wear Green Wednesday," Niner Nation. Thank you to everyone that shared their UNC Charlotte pride today, and thank you to Jimmy Touchstone '93 for your inspirational school spirit! 49 pics have unlocked Jimmy's $490 reward.
First Time Donor Challenge
Thank you for supporting #NinerNationGives for the first time! An anonymous alumna of CLAS has unlocked the $250 prize for the college. Go Niners!
*NEW* Support Scholarships Challenge
You did it AGAIN! 75 more gifts in support of UNC Charlotte scholarships have unlocked Susan Jamison's $4,900 reward. We are blown away by your generosity, Niners. You have helped shape what's next for the University's 75th anniversary!
627 / 627 Gifts
49er Faculty & Staff Giving Challenge
THANK YOU, Faculty & Staff! Your support and dedication to Niner Nation is greatly appreciated, and truly shapes what's next for UNC Charlotte every single day. 500 faculty and staff have supported #NinerNationGives, unlocking Keith and Diane Wassum's generous $50,000 reward for scholarships. Go Niners!
500 / 500 Donors
$1,949 for 1,949 Alumni!
The Alumni Association is so thankful for the dedicated support of our alumni at UNC Charlotte. They have awarded #NinerNationGives with the full $1,949 reward in response to your generosity, alumni! Thank you!
Early Bird Challenge
Thank you for kicking off day 2 of #NinerNationGives, early risers! The Bank of America UNC Charlotte Alumni Scholarship received the most gifts this morning, unlocking a bonus $250 for the fund.
*TIMED EVENT* Baker Bonus Bucks
Congratulations to the Black Alumni Chapter Scholarship! This fund received the most support from 4p.m. to 8p.m., unlocking the Bakers' $250 bonus bucks!
1,946th Gift
Sending a big #NinerNationGives shout out to current UNC Charlotte senior Hope Robinson '22! She has unlocked a bonus $500 for Formula SAE IC. Thank you, Hope!
Greek Chapter Giving Leaderboard
You did it! Kappa Delta has topped this year's Greek leaderboard. THANK YOU to our entire Greek community for supporting #NinerNationGives.
Greek Organization
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Kappa Delta 109
2 Delta Sigma Phi 74
3 Pi Kappa Phi 62
4 Zeta Beta Tau 53
5 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 25
6 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 25
7 Lambda Chi Alpha 15
8 Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority 15
9 Lambda Theta Phi 11
10 Alpha Delta Pi 10
11 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity 8
12 Phi Delta Theta 8
13 Alpha Chi Omega 7
14 Sigma Kappa 7
15 Delta Zeta 7
UNLOCKED: Young Alumni Battle of the Colleges - Belk
You did it, Belk! 49 young alumni of the Belk College of Business have given back for #NinerNationGives, unlocking Gene and Vickie's generous $4,900 reward for the college. Thank you!
TIAA Women in Business Challenge
Thank you for supporting Women in Business during #NinerNationGives! TIAA has generously contributed $5,000 to this initiative for Belk College.
Stephen Jolly Family Scholarship Challenge
Thank you for supporting the Stephen A. and Cheryl C. Jolly Family Scholarship during #NinerNationGives. Amy has generously contributed her full $3,000 prize in response to those who have given back to this business scholarship.
RACE TO 49: Young Alumni Challenge
CONGRATULATIONS, CLAS! The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences was the first to reach 49 young alumni donors, unlocking an additional $4,900 prize from Gene '73 and Vickie '71, '82 Johnson. Thank you all so much for supporting #NinerNationGives!
75th Anniversary Chancellor Challenge
Thank you for celebrating UNC Charlotte's 75th Anniversary, Niner Nation! By supporting scholarships during #NinerNationGives, you have helped shape what's next for our University. 75 alumni have unlocked Chancellor Gaber's $4,900 reward for needed scholarships.
75 / 75 Donors
149 Minute Scholarship Challenge!
YOU DID IT! 49 gifts in support of scholarships at UNC Charlotte in just 149 minutes have unlocked Joanna Gammon's $249 reward. Thank you Niners!
49 / 49 Gifts
Battle of the Units!
Charlotte 49ers Athletics is the winner of this year's $NinerNationGives Battle of the Units! Thank you to all areas of our great University for participating.
Rank Department Gifts
1 Charlotte 49ers Athletics 1,022
2 Student Affairs 458
3 William States Lee College of Engineering 434
4 Belk College of Business 241
5 College of Arts + Architecture 214
Niner Students 2:1 Match Challenge
THANK YOU STUDENTS! Your gifts have been matched 2:1 by Gene and Vickie Johnson. We are blown away by your support of #NinerNationGives.
$14,074 MATCHED
Battle of the Graduating Classes
Shout out to the class of 1992 for securing the most gifts during #NinerNationGives! You have ranked #1 for this year's Battle of the Graduating Classes. Thank you!
Graduation year
Rank Answer Gifts
1 1992 53
2 2020 47
3 2019 44
4 2018 44
5 2010 43
6 2015 43
7 2017 43
8 1993 40
9 2023 39
10 2012 39
11 2014 37
12 2021 35
13 2022 35
14 2007 35
15 2008 34
Farthest Niner Challenge
BIG thank you to Geography alum Daidai Shen '20! Your gift all the way from Shanghai, China has unlocked a bonus $250 for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences! #NinerNationGives is shaping what's next at UNC Charlotte all across the globe.
UNLOCKED: Turn the Map GREEN Challenge
WE DID IT! Niners across the USA have turned the map GREEN for #NinerNationGives, unlocking our challenger's bonus $500 prize! Thank you!
Battle of the Boards' Champion Funds
Congratulations to the BAC! Your champion fund, the Black Alumni Chapter Scholarship, received the most support during #NinerNationGives, unlocking the Alumni Association's $3,000 prize. The Jolly Family Scholarship has unlocked $2,000, and 49er Legacy receives $1,000 for second and third place. Thank you!
Rank Prize Alumni Association Gifts
1 $3,000 Black Alumni Chapter Scholarship Fund 97
2 $2,000 Stephen A. And Cheryl C. Jolly Family Scholarship 37
3 $1,000 49er Legacy Family Scholarship Fund 19
4 Alumni Scholarship for Social Justice 13
5 49er ACE Scholarship 10
Belk College Match Challenge Kick Off!
Thank you, Belk College alumni and friends! You have unlocked Dean Troyer's full $5,000 match on the first day of #NinerNationGives!
$5,000 MATCHED
*NEW* Belk Alumni Council Match Challenge
You did it AGAIN, Belk College! The Belk Alumni Council's $5,000 match has been unlocked. Thank you for shaping what's next for the College of Business!
$5,000 MATCHED
*NEW* Belk Scholarship Challenge
Thank you for supporting the Belk College Alumni Scholarship! 49 donors to the fund have unlocked Associate Dean Mynatt's generous $4,900 reward.
Kevin Bailey Student Challenge
THANK YOU STUDENTS! 1,049 student gifts during #NinerNationGives have unlocked Kevin Bailey's $1,049 reward. Go Niners!
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