The Graduate School

Outstanding graduate students are the key to the success of any research university. In the words of Graduate School Dean Tom Reynolds, “They are necessary to attract top faculty which in turn drives our research and scholarship forward to the next level.”

The driving force behind graduate education is the desire to address business and community needs. Our Center for Graduate Life delivers professional development, career preparation and a sense of community that equips well-educated students with leadership, cultural and communication skills they need to succeed.  Our Graduate Fellowships help provide the resources students need to maintain focus on their studies and progress toward their degree.

Please consider how you can assist UNC Charlotte’s Graduate School in educating and training graduate students whose work in laboratories, private industry and national universities contributes to America’s global leadership. Today’s graduate student becomes tomorrow’s highly trained, skilled leader or employee. 

Private donations are vital to support needed fellowships, research activities, professional development and educational opportunities for all graduate students across the UNC Charlotte campus.

Up for the Challenge? 

Make a bigger impact by taking advantage of the following challenges!

  • 100 gifts to the Graduate School unlocks $2,500 from Craig Brown in support of Graduate Fellowships
  • Gifts to the Graduate School on April 8 between 8 and 9 pm will be entered into a drawing to win a UNC Charlotte themed quilt

Make a Difference 

Looking to take part in #NinerNationGives?  Here are two great ways to help support graduate education and students at UNC Charlotte:

Center for Graduate Life Fund 

The Center for Graduate Life is the heart of graduate education at UNC Charlotte and provides an intellectually stimulating and rich learning environment in which graduate students from across disciplines can build community and cultivate a sense of identification with the University as a whole. The CGL strives to fulfill its mission by providing a welcoming space set aside exclusively for graduate students, as well as through a wide range of programming developed, implemented, and promoted specifically for and by graduate students.

Graduate Fellowships Fund

Outstanding UNC Charlotte students are supported by generous donors to the Graduate School through a variety of fellowships including the Craig R. Brown Graduate Fellowship. These fellowships award select doctoral and master’s students with funding for a period of their academic career. To review a complete list of Graduate School fellowships, visit our Funding web page

You can designate which fund you want to support, or simply donate to the Graduate School Support Fund and your dollars will go to support the fund in most need.

Claudia Reynolds Graduate Fellowship Fund

The Claudia M. Reynolds Fellowship is a new award established through a gift from Claudia, to support and encourage high quality graduate students at UNC Charlotte. The Claudia Reynolds Fellowship is open to continuing doctoral or master’s students in any field of study with preference given to non-traditional students who have a desire to make a significant contribution to society by completing the graduate degree.  

Coming together

Niner Nation Community

Every quilt has a story. 

Why did I choose the log cabin quilt pattern? It is one of the oldest patterns and my favorite quilt block to make. It has so many design possibilities and can represent many ideas. This set of the blocks is called barn raising.

The center square of the block is called the fireplace. Black is commonly used. Red is for a fire in the hearth. Yellow is a light in the window to find your way home. It is said that a yellow center also indicated a safe house for the underground railroad. 

This year the logs are different colors. They represent many people coming together during this very difficult year. It also gave me a way to clean up the studio!

Multi colors gave me many combinations for design opportunities. The colors were sewn randomly. The blocks “set” traditionally. I call it planned chaos. It all came together to build and create this colorful quilt.

-Claudia M. Reynolds

NNG "Final 49" Challenge
Thank you for seeing #NinerNationGives through to the very end, Niners! The 49er Legacy Family Scholarship received the most support in the last 49 minutes of giving, unlocking Gene Johnson's generous $4,900 for the fund!
Battle of the Units
You did it, Student Affairs! Congratulations on taking home the top spot in the Battle of the Units. Thank you to all Niners for giving!
Rank Battle of the Units Gifts
1 Student Affairs 1,239
2 Charlotte 49ers Athletics 893
3 William States Lee College of Engineering 392
4 Belk College of Business 367
5 College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 263
Congratulations to our last donor of #NinerNationGives, Alumni Campus Employee Solomon Franklin '03! Your gift has unlocked the $250 reward for the Jaylen C. Moxley Scholarship. Thank you!
4,900 Gifts for #NinerNationGives Challenge
YOU DID IT, NINERS! 4,900 gifts were made in LESS than 49 hours! Thank you to all UNC Charlotte alumni and friends for making such a huge impact during #NinerNationGives this year. Special thanks to Susan Jamison '78 for inspiring us with her generous $4,900 contribution!
Graduate School Challenge
You did it, Graduate Niners and friends! 49 gifts to the Graduate school have unlocked alumnus Craig Brown's $2,500 reward. Thank you!
49 / 49 Gifts
Early Bird Power Hour Challenge 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.
Thank you for your support, early risers! The Greek Life Fund is the winner of this power hour, securing the $250 reward for the fund!
NNG Kick Off Challenge
Thank you for being among the first to show support during #NinerNationGives! Charlotte 49ers athletics secured the most gifts between noon and 4:09pm, unlocking Gene Johnson's $4,900 prize!
Kevin Bailey Dunk Tank Challenge
Thank you for your support during the Dunk Tank power hour, students! Not only did you unlock $500 for the Student Emergency Fund, students made 20 gifts in one hour and Bailey was dunked 23 times! THANK YOU!
1,049th Gift
Thank you, Brittany Robertson '12! You made the 1,049th gift of #NinerNationGives, unlocking a bonus $500 gift for Cato College of Education!
Niner Parents Power Hour Challenge 10a.m. to noon
Thank you, Parents of Niner Nation! The area most supported during our parents power hour was the William States Lee College of Engineering, unlocking a bonus $500 for the college!
4,049th Gift
SHOUT OUT to UNC Charlotte friend Beth Koback for making the 4,049th gift of #NinerNationGives! You have unlocked a bonus $500 gift for Project Uplift. Thank you!
UNLOCKED: 49ers 'Share A Memory' Social Challenge
Thank you for posting your favorite UNC Charlotte memories throughout #NinerNationGives! Your posts have unlocked Ali Lacy Sherrill's generous $5,500 reward for Athletics. Let's keep sharing our pride for 4/9 day!
UPDATE: Turn the Map Green Challenge
Thank you to Niners near and far that made a gift to help turn the map green! #NinerNationGives truly is wherever YOU are! Andrew and Emily Baker have generously contributed $500 for UNC Charlotte's day of giving.
Faculty & Staff Power Hour 2 to 4 p.m.
Thank you for your support, Faculty and Staff! Your dedication and generosity is overwhelming. 49er Athletics received the most gifts during the power hour, unlocking a bonus $1,000 for the unit!
Young Alumni Giving Power Hour 7 to 8 p.m.
Thank you young alumni! The classes of 2011 through 2020 gave the most support to Student Affairs during their power hour, unlocking a bonus gift of $750 for the unit!
Student Giving Power Hour 8 to 10 p.m.
Thank you so much student Niners! Students gave the most support to Student Affairs during their power hour, unlocking a bonus gift of $750 for the unit!
First time Giving Challenge Noon to 6 p.m.
Congratulations, alumna Keihly Moore '13! Your first ever gift has been chosen as the challenge winner, unlocking $500 for the College of Arts + Architecture. THANK YOU, first time donors of #NinerNationGives!
Global Giving Power Hour 6 a.m. to noon EST
Thank you to alumnus Kiyoshi Takai, class of 2001, for being the farthest donor away to support #NinerNationGives! From Tokyo, Japan, your gift has unlocked an additional $500 for the Atkins Library. Niner Nation truly is wherever you are!
Young Alumni Challenge
YOU DID IT, Young Alumni! 349 gifts from young alumni have unlocked Deep Patel's generous $25,000 reward for #NinerNationGives! Thank you!
349 / 349 Gifts
Student 5:1 Match Challenge
Thank you Student Niners for giving during #NinerNationGives! You've made a HUGE impact this year with the help of Gene Johnson's generous 5:1 match!
$11,761 MATCHED
Faculty & Staff Giving Challenge
THANK YOU Faculty and Staff! Your overwhelming support of #NinerNationGives has unlocked our Challenger's increased gift of $490!
490 / 490 Gifts
Student Dare to Donate Leaderboard
UNC Charlotte Affiliation
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Student 1,125
Charlotte 49ers Student Athlete Challenge
You did it, 49er athletes! 149 gifts have unlocked Craig Brown's reward of $5,000. Go Niners!
149 / 149 Gifts
Greek Chapter Giving Leaderboard
Hey UNC Charlotte Greeks! Let's see which Greek Organization can get the most donations during the 49 hours of #NinerNationGives!
Greek Organization
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Chi Omega 127
2 Alpha Delta Pi 122
3 Kappa Delta 117
4 Delta Sigma Phi 84
5 Kappa Sigma 73
6 Alpha Sigma Phi 69
7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 64
8 Zeta Beta Tau 45
9 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 44
10 Sigma Alpha Omega 23
11 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 14
12 Pi Kappa Phi 12
13 Zeta Tau Alpha 11
14 Delta Zeta 11
15 Sigma Kappa 9
Graduating Class Leaderboard
Which graduating class of UNC Charlotte will secure the most gifts during #NinerNationGives? Give now to move your class up the leaderboard!
Graduation year
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2021 131
2 2020 114
3 2022 52
4 2011 51
5 2012 46
6 2015 44
7 1993 41
8 2017 38
9 2018 36
10 2019 36
11 2010 35
12 2013 35
13 2006 34
14 2009 34
15 2016 33
Charlotte 49ers Team Leaderboard
The competition is on! Make a gift to move your team to the top of the challenge leaderboard!
Student Athlete Sport
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Track & Field/XC 49
2 Football 37
3 Women's Soccer 33
4 Men's Soccer 25
5 Softball 23
6 Cheerleading 15
7 Women's Basketball 14
8 Volleyball 12
9 Men's Golf 9
10 Men's Basketball 6
11 Baseball 6
12 Women's Tennis 5
13 Dance Team 3
14 Men's Tennis 3
15 Women's Golf 1
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