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Alumni Engagement

The UNC Charlotte Alumni Association inspires current and future Charlotte alumni to engage in lifelong relationships with Niner Nation.

Join us by supporting our current and future Niner students by selecting one of the designations below, or choose another Alumni Association scholarship or fund that is meaningful to you.

Up for the Challenge? 

Make a bigger impact by taking advantage of the following challenges!

  • IT TAKES A NATION: 1,949 alumni donors in 49 hours will unlock a $1,949 prize from the UNC Charlotte Alumni Association. Give now!
  • Battle of the Boards! The UNC Charlotte Alumni Association will award the Board with the most participation. 49 hours will unlock a $2,500 prize, second place will unlock $1,500 and third place will unlock $1,000 for the fund of their choice!
  • Members of the Foundation Board and friends of UNC Charlotte are challenging Niner Nation to support their favorite scholarships during #NinerNationGives! Throughout the 49 hours, gifts to ANY scholarships will be unlocking rewards up to $100,000! 250 scholarship gifts will unlock the next $25,000 prize. Give now!

It takes a Nation to support Alumni Engagement

Alumni Association Scholarship for Social Justice

The Alumni Association Scholarship for Social Justice provides annual support to returning undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need, potential for academic success in their chosen program of study and a record of service or social action either at UNC Charlotte, in the greater Charlotte community or in their hometown. Our UNC Charlotte Alumni Board of Directors will be supporting this scholarship during #NinerNationGives.

The Alumni Book Scholarship Fund 

The Alumni Book Scholarship was created by UNC Charlotte alumni to aid students with a demonstrated financial need in purchasing textbooks. This scholarship will help to alleviate the cost of textbooks for the students that need it most. Bank of America Alumni Network Scholarship 

Bank of America UNC Charlotte Alumni Scholarship Fund

The Bank of America UNC Charlotte Alumni Network was formed to connect 1,000+ University alumni at Bank of America together under one group. The goals of this affinity group are to encourage connectedness among teammates located within close proximity to one another, build out a broadly reaching professional network across the enterprise, and find opportunities to give back to the University together. 

49er Legacy Family Scholarship Fund

The Legacy Alumni Network recognizes families for making a 49er education part of their family tradition. The program is offered to encourage the 49er spirit in students who are children and/or grandchildren of UNC Charlotte graduates.  Families have passed on the 49er tradition to their children and we want to help celebrate this special relationship. The 49er Legacy Family Scholarship fund was created to honor that legacy and provide assistance to those carrying on the 49er family tradition.

Black Alumni Chapter Program Fund

The Black Alumni Chapter (BAC) Program Fund supports programs and events that provide community service, social, and professional engagement opportunities for Black students and alumni. Examples include: Sneaker Ball, Night at the Museum, Excellence in Leadership Awards, and the bi-annual Donning of the Kente ceremonies.

Alumni Employee Network Fund

The Alumni Employee Network Scholarship Fund was founded by proud UNC Charlotte alumni who are currently employed at the university. This scholarship goes to support dedicated student workers on campus. 

WINNERS: First Time Donor Challenge
2 new winners of Gene '73 and Vickie's '72, '81 $490 bonus bucks have been selected: Grayson Richmond '16 for the 49er Alumni Employee Network Scholarship, and Charlotte Regional Data Trust Associate Director Sydney Idzikowski for the Mental Health Assistance Fund. Thank you!
It Takes a Nation! 250 scholarship gifts have unlocked the first $25,000 reward from Members of the Foundation Board and friends of UNC Charlotte. Stay tuned to see what happens next!
250 / 250 Gifts
THANK YOU: Support Scholarships Challenge
Thank you Niner Nation - your generous support of scholarships during #NinerNationGives has unlocked the last $50,000 prize from UNC Charlotte Foundation Board members and friends. Their generous scholarship report now exceeds $100,000, truly helping to build a better Charlotte. It takes a nation!
Congratulations! The area with the most unique gifts in the last 49 minutes of #NinerNationGives was the Atkins Library, unlocking Gene '73 and Vickie '72, '81 Johnson's final $4,900 prize. Thank you all who supported!
'Beat Last Year' Leaderboard
The top three areas who have the largest percentage increase of from last year will receive bonus money! The academic school, college, department or program with the largest improvement will receive $3,000. The area with the second largest improvement will receive $2,000 and the third largest improvement will receive $1,000.
Rank Prize Department % +/- Goal
1 $3,000 Student Affairs +111.30% 991
goal: 469
2 $2,000 The Graduate School +91.89% 71
goal: 37
3 $1,000 Honors College +67.65% 57
goal: 34
4 Cato College of Education +30.72% 200
goal: 153
5 Alumni Engagement +21.18% 246
goal: 203
Provost Bertone's Faculty & Staff Challenge
THANK YOU to all Faculty and Staff that have made a #NinerNationGives gift, 500 of Charlotte's very own have unlocked Provost Bertone's $1,000 reward for the Faculty Development Fund!
500 / 500 Donors
Ambassador POWER HOUR Gift Challenge
Shout out to alumnus Zacch Estrada-Petersen '05 for being the #NNG ambassador to secure the most gifts during our power hour! You've unlocked Gene '73 and Vickie's '72, '81 bonus $1,000 for the fund of your choice. Thank you!
#NinerNationGives MAP Challenge
WE DID IT! It took a Nation and the #NinerNationGives map challenge has officially unlocked, securing the $500 reward from Jolly/Kennedy crew and Outsiders Co. Thank you Niners!
First Time Donor Winner Announcement
Three first time donors have been chosen at random to win a bonus $490 for their fund from alumni couple Gene '73 and Vickie '72, '81 Johnson: Jahtoya Means for the Nila and Stokley Bailey PFLAG Scholarship; Sarah Piwowar '21 for the 49er Legacy Family Scholarship Fund; and Alison Summerville for the Jaylen C. Moxley Scholarship. Thank you for supporting Niner Nation!
*NEW* Support Scholarships Challenge!
You did it AGAIN, Niner Nation! 250 more scholarship gifts have unlocked the second $25,000 prize from our Foundation Board and friends of UNC Charlotte! Thank you!
250 / 250 Gifts
Chancellor Gaber's Student Giving Challenge
THANK YOU, NINER STUDENT BODY! 900 gifts from Charlotte students have unlocked Chancellor Gaber's generous gift in support of areas of greatest need on our campus. It Takes a Nation to build a better Charlotte!
900 / 900 Gifts
LAST DONOR Challenge
CONGRATULATIONS! The last donor of #NinerNationGives is alumnus Ardy Holmes '16, unlocking a bonus $500 for the 49er Alumni Employee Network Scholarship. Thank you!
2:1 Student Match Challenge
Hey Niner Students! Alumni couple Gene '73 and Vickie '71, '82 Johnson are challenging the Nation to DOUBLE their impact by matching all student gifts 2:1 during #NinerNationGives! That means for every $10 gift from a student, Gene will give $20!
$6,447 MATCHED
Instagram: "Tap In" to the Challenge
Thank you for "tapping in" to the challenge on Instagram and sharing your Niner Pride! Amy Jolly Kennedy's '10 $490 bonus has been unlocked thanks to the many Niners that spread the word about #NinerNationGives through their favorite Charlotte memories.
Ambassador POWER HOUR Dollar Challenge
Shout out to alumnus John Iafrate, A.K.A. "Frate," '02 for being the #NNG ambassador to secure the most dollars during the power hour! You've unlocked Gene '73 and Vickie's '72, '81 $1,000 bonus gift to the fund of your choice. Thank you!
Greek Chapter Leaderboard
Hey UNC Charlotte Greeks! Let's see which Greek Organization can get the most donations during the 49 hours of #NinerNationGives!
Greek Organization
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Kappa Delta 118
2 Alpha Chi Omega 95
3 Phi Delta Theta 75
4 Kappa Alpha Theta 74
5 Delta Sigma Phi 64
6 Kappa Alpha Order 40
7 Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority 24
8 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 21
9 Pi Kappa Phi 18
10 Kappa Alpha Psi 18
11 Lambda Chi Alpha 14
12 Alpha Epsilon Pi 14
13 Chi Omega 11
14 Alpha Delta Pi 9
15 Chi Phi 8
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