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The Graduate School

Outstanding graduate students are the key to the success of any research university.

The driving force behind graduate education is the desire to address business and community needs. The Thomas L. Reynolds Center for Graduate Life and Learning delivers professional development, career preparation and a sense of community that equips well-educated students with leadership, cultural and communication skills they need to succeed. Our Graduate Fellowships help provide the resources students need to maintain focus on their studies and progress toward their degree.

Please consider how you can assist UNC Charlotte’s Graduate School in educating and training over 6,000 graduate students whose work in laboratories, private industry and national universities contributes to America’s global leadership. Today’s graduate student becomes tomorrow’s highly trained, skilled leader or employee.

Private donations are vital to support needed fellowships, research activities, professional development and educational opportunities for all graduate students across the UNC Charlotte campus.

Up for the Challenge? 

Make a bigger impact by taking advantage of the following challenges!

  • Wow, it Takes a Nation, Niners! 20 gifts for the Claudia Reynolds Graduate fund have unlocked Dean Reynolds' generous gifts. But #NinerNationGives isn't over yet, and if the Graduate School can reach 49 total gifts within the 49 hours, Dean Reynolds will give another $5,000 reward for the school! 
  • In honor of Dean Emeritus Tom Reynolds' 20+ years of service, devotion, and generosity for UNC Charlotte's Graduate School, an anonymous University friend is challenging the school to reach 20 gifts for Graduate fellowships to unlock a $20,000 reward!

It takes a Nation to support The Graduate School

Looking to take part in #NinerNationGives? Here are three great ways to help support graduate education and students at UNC Charlotte:

Thomas L. Reynolds Center for Graduate Life and Learning Fund

The Thomas L. Reynolds Center for Graduate Life and Learning is the heart of graduate education at UNC Charlotte and provides an intellectually stimulating and rich learning environment in which graduate students from across disciplines can build community and cultivate a sense of identification with the University as a whole. The Reynolds CGLL strives to fulfill its mission by providing a welcoming space set aside exclusively for graduate students, as well as through a wide range of programming developed, implemented and promoted specifically for and by graduate students.

Graduate Fellowships Fund

Outstanding UNC Charlotte students are supported by generous donors to the Graduate School through a variety of fellowships including the Craig R. Brown Graduate Fellowship. These fellowships award select doctoral and master’s students with funding for a period of their academic career. To review a complete list of Graduate School fellowships, visit our funding webpage

You can designate which fund you want to support, or simply donate to the Graduate School Support Fund and your dollars will go to support the fund in most need.

Claudia Reynolds Graduate Fellowship Fund

The Claudia M. Reynolds Fellowship is a new award established through a gift from Claudia, to support and encourage high-quality graduate students at UNC Charlotte. The Claudia Reynolds Fellowship is open to continuing doctoral or master’s students in any field of study with preference given to non-traditional students who have a desire to make a significant contribution to society by completing the graduate degree.

And now for something a little different. This year's quilt is bold and bright. 

The fabric was designed by Kaffe Fassett and comes from my favorite fabric stash.  The color combinations he uses just make me smile. I hope this quilt makes you smile.

Quilt is all cotton, cotton batting and machine quilted. Wash and dry. NO BLEACH! No dry cleaning.

It is now your turn to add to this quilt's story.

-Claudia M. Reynolds

It Takes a Nation! 250 scholarship gifts have unlocked the first $25,000 reward from Members of the Foundation Board and friends of UNC Charlotte. Stay tuned to see what happens next!
250 / 250 Gifts
THANK YOU: Support Scholarships Challenge
Thank you Niner Nation - your generous support of scholarships during #NinerNationGives has unlocked the last $50,000 prize from UNC Charlotte Foundation Board members and friends. Their generous scholarship report now exceeds $100,000, truly helping to build a better Charlotte. It takes a nation!
Congratulations! The area with the most unique gifts in the last 49 minutes of #NinerNationGives was the Atkins Library, unlocking Gene '73 and Vickie '72, '81 Johnson's final $4,900 prize. Thank you all who supported!
2:1 Student Match Challenge
Hey Niner Students! Alumni couple Gene '73 and Vickie '71, '82 Johnson are challenging the Nation to DOUBLE their impact by matching all student gifts 2:1 during #NinerNationGives! That means for every $10 gift from a student, Gene will give $20!
$6,447 MATCHED
Instagram: "Tap In" to the Challenge
Thank you for "tapping in" to the challenge on Instagram and sharing your Niner Pride! Amy Jolly Kennedy's '10 $490 bonus has been unlocked thanks to the many Niners that spread the word about #NinerNationGives through their favorite Charlotte memories.
Ambassador POWER HOUR Dollar Challenge
Shout out to alumnus John Iafrate, A.K.A. "Frate," '02 for being the #NNG ambassador to secure the most dollars during the power hour! You've unlocked Gene '73 and Vickie's '72, '81 $1,000 bonus gift to the fund of your choice. Thank you!
Reynolds "First 4 Hours" Challenge
Thank you for supporting the Claudia Reynolds Graduate fund, Niner Nation! 10 gifts in the FIRST FOUR hours have unlocked Tom Reynold's $2,500 reward. Stay tuned to find out who wins Claudia's beautiful quilt!
10 / 10 Gifts
Tom Reynolds' Graduate School Challenge
YOU DID IT! 49 gifts to the Graduate School for #NinerNationGives have unlocked Dean Reynold's final $5,000 reward for the school. Thank you all for your support!
49 / 49 Gifts
Battle of the Units!
Support the UNC Charlotte unit you love the most to move them up the leader board. A gift of any size will increase their ranking!
Rank Department Gifts
1 Charlotte 49ers Athletics 1,117
2 Student Affairs 991
3 William States Lee College of Engineering 526
4 Belk College of Business 245
5 College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 240
*NEW* Support Scholarships Challenge!
You did it AGAIN, Niner Nation! 250 more scholarship gifts have unlocked the second $25,000 prize from our Foundation Board and friends of UNC Charlotte! Thank you!
250 / 250 Gifts
Chancellor Gaber's Student Giving Challenge
THANK YOU, NINER STUDENT BODY! 900 gifts from Charlotte students have unlocked Chancellor Gaber's generous gift in support of areas of greatest need on our campus. It Takes a Nation to build a better Charlotte!
900 / 900 Gifts
'Beat Last Year' Leaderboard
The top three areas who have the largest percentage increase of from last year will receive bonus money! The academic school, college, department or program with the largest improvement will receive $3,000. The area with the second largest improvement will receive $2,000 and the third largest improvement will receive $1,000.
Rank Prize Department % +/- Goal
1 $3,000 Student Affairs +111.30% 991
goal: 469
2 $2,000 The Graduate School +91.89% 71
goal: 37
3 $1,000 Honors College +67.65% 57
goal: 34
4 Cato College of Education +30.72% 200
goal: 153
5 Alumni Engagement +21.18% 246
goal: 203
Provost Bertone's Faculty & Staff Challenge
THANK YOU to all Faculty and Staff that have made a #NinerNationGives gift, 500 of Charlotte's very own have unlocked Provost Bertone's $1,000 reward for the Faculty Development Fund!
500 / 500 Donors
Ambassador POWER HOUR Gift Challenge
Shout out to alumnus Zacch Estrada-Petersen '05 for being the #NNG ambassador to secure the most gifts during our power hour! You've unlocked Gene '73 and Vickie's '72, '81 bonus $1,000 for the fund of your choice. Thank you!
#NinerNationGives MAP Challenge
WE DID IT! It took a Nation and the #NinerNationGives map challenge has officially unlocked, securing the $500 reward from Jolly/Kennedy crew and Outsiders Co. Thank you Niners!
Honor Dean Reynolds Challenge
Thank you for honoring Dean Emeritus Tom Reynolds' 20+ years of service, devotion, and generosity to UNC Charlotte during #NinerNationGives. $20,000 has been awarded to Graduate Fellowships from our anonymous University friend!
20 / 20 Gifts
Reynolds "Next 9 Hours" Challenge
Thank you for supporting the Claudia Reynolds Graduate fund! Your gifts have unlocked Dean Reynolds' generous $2,500 reward. We will soon select a winner to receive Claudia's handmade quilt!
Greek Chapter Leaderboard
Hey UNC Charlotte Greeks! Let's see which Greek Organization can get the most donations during the 49 hours of #NinerNationGives!
Greek Organization
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Kappa Delta 118
2 Alpha Chi Omega 95
3 Phi Delta Theta 75
4 Kappa Alpha Theta 74
5 Delta Sigma Phi 64
6 Kappa Alpha Order 40
7 Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority 24
8 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 21
9 Pi Kappa Phi 18
10 Kappa Alpha Psi 18
11 Lambda Chi Alpha 14
12 Alpha Epsilon Pi 14
13 Chi Omega 11
14 Alpha Delta Pi 9
15 Chi Phi 8
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